Certified Test Data

Certified test data is provided with each Wright Technologies product. Data is taken with test equipment calibrated and maintained in accordance with MIL-C-45662.

All amplifiers are tested for:

Small Signal Gain
Noise Figure
PSAT (If applicable)
DC Current & Voltage

Test data is furnished with each manufactured product at 25 C. Specifications are guaranteed over the stated temperature ranges and are tested to insure performance & compliance.

A Certificate of Conformance is furnished with each Wright Technologies product manufactured.

All WT product parameters are tested as: minimum or maximum, However, WT is now offering typical product parameters as well and they are tested as Typical on the product test sheet. As an integral part of the Wright Technologies production process each circuit module within the cascade is individually tested for its specifications, allowing WT to remove the under performing circuits from the cascade.

Reliability Screening

MIL-STD durability and performance is the basis of design for all Wright Technologies products. Proven, generational designs and use of the latest technology available today, keep Wright Technologies at the forefront of our industry. Screening is an integral part of monitoring the performance of our components under stress.

ESS Screening is available upon request. ESS Screening includes additional Burn-in, Temperature Cycling, Shock, Vibration or Acceleration to the appropriate MIL STD. (Example, MIL 883, Method 5008 Condition C)